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O L I G O is a young brand of mechanical watches made in Switzerland and assembled in Geneva.
Watches that are design, local and respectful of the environment.

A touch of magic and mystery

Hands floating within the case and a minimalist design make O L I G O watches unique.

A dream realized with passion

O L I G O is the dream come true of Olivier Gaud, a passionate watchmaker supported by a whole network of designers, creators and local suppliers.

O L I G O x Label Noir

A celestial collaboration

With this collaboration, OLIGO joins forces with personalization expert Label Noir to create an exclusive limited edition watch. This alliance blends minimalist elegance with environmentally-friendly design, highlighting watchmaking innovation and sustainability.

Shades of black and the Milky Way

Limited to just 40 pieces, this watch combines a black dial with genuine gold glitter, offering a celestial aesthetic. Label Noir's craftsmanship stands out thanks to the bead-blasted case finished in black ADLC, highlighting OLIGO's characteristic minimalism.

This is O L I G O FM01

A celebration of local, independent and environmentally responsible watchmaking

OLIGO is proud to unveil its new FM01 collection.

For this new model, OLIGO is partnering with Fleury Manufacture and celebrating local, independent and eco-friendly watchmaking.

The result is a modern watch with a hypnotic dial, a touch of magic thanks to its floating hands and a fine watchmaking movement, the manual Fleury Manufacture FM01 caliber.

An exceptional movement

The manual caliber FM01 was developed and produced entirely in-house by Fleury Manufacture in Geneva and combines innovation, modernity and tradition. The bridges and plate are made from a new recyclable zinc alloy, obtained from recycled materials in a short circuit. The traditional decorations and finishing are done by hand.

Our values

The eco-responsible approach is at the heart of O L I G O's DNA.
All our suppliers of the watch head are located in French-speaking Switzerland. The cases are made of 100% recycled Swiss steel in a short circuit in order to minimize the carbon impact of the product.

The strap, Crafted in Italy in collaboration with ColaReb, is made with vegan, PVC-free materials and follows the brand's ethics : local, eco-friendly and high quality products.

Even the packaging, produced in Geneva, is made of recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

Our suppliers

Cases : SPC Sàrl, Choulex, Geneva

crystals : Sebal, Bassecourt, Jura. 100% Swiss sapphire

Dials: Comblémine, St. Sulpice, Neuchâtel

Glass discs with hands : Selba, Versoix, Geneva

Movements : Soprod, Les Reussilles, Neuchâtel

FM01 movements: Fleury Manufacture, Choulex, Geneva

Straps : ColaReb, Rome, Italy

Packaging: Jean Losey SA, Geneva

Discover our collections

(Prices without taxes)

O L I G O blue

CHF 2'600


O L I G O black

CHF 2'600


O L I G O brown

CHF 2'600


O L I G O FM01

CHF 8'300


O L I G O x LN

CHF 3'950



23 Rue des Rois
1204 Geneva

+41 (0)77 443 45 58

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